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The company Ltd,, Iverico ‘’ is a family company which has been operating in the agriculture sector since 2017. The main agriculture activities of Iverico are cereal crop farming (Wheat Barley Sunflower Beans Peas). The company has been a member of the German “Seed Alliance” since 2017 which is producing the selective quality seed. The company Iverico is located in Bolnisi, Kvemo Kartli region. 

Bolnisi has been selected for the company because of its fascinating and unique history. The historical area of Bolnisi was called “Katerinenfield’’about 200 (two hundred) years ago, where German families lived for about 150 years, engaged in agricultural activities, and in particular grain crops, vineyard, and wine production. LTD Iverico owns 170 hectares of agricultural land plot and vineyard of different varieties in Kvemo Kartli and Imereti regions. In Kvemo Kartli region, the following Georgian traditional wine varieties are represented: Tavkveri, Mtvane, Chinuri, Rkatsiteli, while Tsitska is represented only in West Georgia Imereti region, village Zemosazano.

In 2021, the Iverico celebrated its debut with production of the first batches of the following wine denominations made with traditional Georgian method: Tavkveri, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli-Chinuri.

In the same year, 2021, Iverico started construction of wine cellar in Disveli consisting of four different buildings for various purposes. The buildings will contain the Georgian traditional wine cellar, wineries and tasting hall, special building for Chacha production. Iverico has an amazing view of our Tera Bolnisi where all our guest will have opportunity to enjoy and spent time with a great pleasure.

In 2022, the company is planning to bottle the following traditional Georgian wine varieties: Tavkveri, Mtvane,Chinuri, Rkatsiteli, Tsistka

iverico company using geofert fertilizer in winery Bolnisi